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FY 2023 IDEA MOE Compliance Test is now OPEN 
posted 4/5/2024
The FY 2023 IDEA MOE Compliance Test for LEAs is now ready for completion. LEA special education expenditure data from the FY 2023 UCOA files will load onto the MOE test page after changing the report's status to draft started. The IDEA MOE compliance test is located in the performance reports section of AcceleGrants. The report is due by April 30, 2024. Thank you for your attention to this reporting requirement.
2025 CRP Application is Now Open 
posted 4/29/2024
Districts may now begin working on their FY 2025 consolidated application. Applications are due by June 3rd, if containing summer activities. All other applications are due no later than July 1st.
Title's II and IV Private School Calculators 
posted 5/4/2024
Attention: Prior to May 6th, the FY 2025 Title II and Title IV private school proportionate share calculators contained incorrect private school student enrollment counts. Corrected Title II and IV private school calculators are now posted in the Document Section of the FY 2025 CRP application. If you downloaded the calculators prior to May 6th, please discard those older versions and restart the with the corrected calculators. Thank you.
FY 2025 Adult Education Application is now Open 
posted 5/20/2024
The FY 2025 ABE application can now be accessed in AcceleGrants. Reminders: System users must select 2025 for the fiscal year and the application status must be changed to "Draft Started" to begin work in the application. Budgets must be updated to 'District Authorized Rep Approved' status and required attachments must be uploaded by Monday, June 24th.
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